What's flying tonight?

This page allows you to see what moths have previously been recorded in Suffolk as adults at a particular time of year. This is intended to give a rough indication of what may be on the wing and not a definitive list of recorded dates (particularly earliest and latest dates). Only records that have been submitted with a precise date are included within the dataset, so records that have been submitted with dates like '12-June-2002 to 16-June-2002' or '2002' are omitted.

The flight data is based on what is flying in a particular week of the year. So what will be shown as flying for a particular time of year is actually the moths that have been recorded flying in the week of the year that the specified date lies in. For example, the 17th August 2004 lies in the 34th week of the year. Confused? - just try it out and hopefully it will become clear.

In the table of results below the 'Total records' column specifies the number of records of that species in the dataset. The 'Weekly Record Total' gives the number of records of that species recorded in the specified week. The 'Percentage of records' column indicates the percentage of records that have been recorded in this week. Species are initially ordered by 'Weekly Record Total' as this gives preference to the more commonly recorded species for that week.

Clicking the and buttons either side of the results table title will show the species lists for the previous and next week respectively.

A wide range of date formats are accepted in the text box below, try things like 20-Mar-2004 or 6/04/04 or 1 07 04

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Week 47 (18-Nov-2019 to 25-Nov-2019)

Species total : 76

B & FScientific nameVernacular name Total
1631Poecilocampa populiDecember Moth4769920
1923Colotois pennariaFeathered Thorn958788
2264Agrochola macilentaYellow-line Quaker1091413
1799Operophtera brumataWinter Moth608365
2258Conistra vacciniiChestnut1639362
1935Erannis defoliariaMottled Umber470347
1795Epirrita dilutataNovember Moth694314
1933Agriopis aurantiariaScarce Umber1322921
2441Autographa gammaSilver Y4603280
2256Eupsilia transversaSatellite743222
2306Phlogophora meticulosaAngle Shades3559210
0998Epiphyas postvittana1927190
2262Agrochola circellarisBrick615193
1800Operophtera fagataNorthern Winter Moth441738
1760Chloroclysta siterataRed-green Carpet482142
2375Rhizedra lutosaLarge Wainscot1414140
0464Plutella xylostellaDiamond-back Moth2713120
1395Udea ferrugalisRusty-dot Pearl588111
1524Emmelina monodactyla1653110
2227Asteroscopus sphinxSprawler125108
0874Blastobasis lacticolella187690
2013Ptilophora plumigeraPlumed Prominent20840
2087Agrotis segetumTurnip Moth342480
2259Conistra ligulaDark Chestnut39982
2263Agrochola lotaRed-line Quaker70281
1041Acleris sparsana23273
2091Agrotis ipsilonDark Sword-grass109270
1864Chesias legatellaStreak24562
2107Noctua pronubaLarge Yellow Underwing860760
0688Agonopterix heracliana34841
2237Lithophane ornitopusGrey Shoulder-knot39641
0819Scrobipalpa costella24031
1044Acleris ferrugana14132
1288Alucita hexadactylaTwenty-plume Moth56830
1398Nomophila noctuellaRush Veneer129330
2119Peridroma sauciaPearly Underwing28031
2240Lithophane leautieriBlair's Shoulder-knot57530
2245Allophyes oxyacanthaeGreen-brindled Crescent82130
2321Apamea monoglyphaDark Arches461130
0664Diurnea lipsiella4025
1053Acleris hastiana11421
1054Acleris cristana6822
1768Thera obeliscataGrey Pine Carpet146320
1984Macroglossum stellatarumHumming-bird Hawk-moth65220
2203Mythimna unipunctaWhite-speck18211
2272Xanthia auragoBarred Sallow76820
0288Caloptilia stigmatella9711
0321Phyllonorycter messaniella18310
0461Ypsolopha ustella15810
0648Endrosis sarcitrellaWhite-shouldered House-moth88110
0696Agonopterix propinquella2314
0701Agonopterix ocellana5911
0705Agonopterix umbellana20810
0891Mompha sturnipennella2913
0921Phtheochroa inopiana13910
1043Acleris aspersana1119
1045Acleris notana6511
1051Acleris logiana9011
1055Acleris hyemana5311
1062Acleris emargana11410
1301Crambus lathoniellus104010
1334Scoparia ambigualis170610
1764Chloroclysta truncataCommon Marbled Carpet173510
1796Epirrita christyiPale November Moth2314
1797Epirrita autumnataAutumnal Moth1815
1862Gymnoscelis rufifasciataDouble-striped Pug285110
2108Noctua orbonaLunar Yellow Underwing45910
2109Noctua comesLesser Yellow Underwing437210
2126Xestia c-nigrumSetaceous Hebrew Character622810
2187Orthosia cerasiCommon Quaker277910
2214Cucullia chamomillaeChamomile Shark3412
2270Omphaloscelis lunosaLunar Underwing180510
2297Amphipyra pyramideaCopper Underwing129010
2303Thalpophila maturaStraw Underwing126010
2373Archanara sparganiiWebb's Wainscot28510
2384Hoplodrina ambiguaVine's Rustic369410